zelos.plugin.plugin module

class zelos.plugin.plugin.IPlugin(zelos)

Bases: zelos.manager.IManager

Base class for Plugins that provides an api for interacting with zelos objects.


Loads the plugins that are located in the plugins directory.

class zelos.plugin.plugin.Plugins(zelos, paths)

Bases: object

Plugins are set as attributes of this class for convenience.

loaded_plugins = {}
register_plugin(plugin_class: Callable[[Zelos], zelos.plugin.plugin.IPlugin]) → None
class zelos.plugin.plugin.OSPlugin(z)

Bases: object

parse(*args, **kwargs)
load(*args, **kwargs)
class zelos.plugin.plugin.OSPlugins(z)

Bases: object

unregistered_os_plugins = {}
parse(path, binary)
load(file, process, entrypoint_override=None)
class zelos.plugin.plugin.ISubcommand(argparser)

Bases: object

class zelos.plugin.plugin.PluginCommands(paths, argparser)

Bases: object

registered_flags = {}
flags_to_resolve = []
add_flags(source_file_name, flags_dict, argparser)
class zelos.plugin.plugin.CommandLineOption(name, **kwargs)

Bases: object

Registers a command line option for Zelos. The kwargs are those recognized by the argparse library