zelos.engine module

class zelos.engine.Engine(config=None, api=None)

Bases: object

STACK_SIZE = 589824
hexdump(address: int, size: int) → None
property current_process
property emu
property memory
property scheduler
property thread_manager
property current_thread
property loader
property modules
property handles
set_mem_limit(limit_in_mb: int) → None
load_executable(module_path, entrypoint_override=None)

This method simply loads the executable, without starting the emulation

property helpers

Helpers are the first layer in the components hierarchy, which mainly deal with providing help to developers.

disas(address: int, size: int)

Disassemble code at the given address, for up to size bytes

step(count: int = 1) → None

Steps one assembly level instruction

step_over(count: int = 1) → None

Steps on assembly level instruction up to count instructions

start(timeout=0, swap_threads=True) → Optional[dict]

Starts execution of the program at the given offset or entry point.

close() → None

Handles the end of the run command